Warehouse complex of A class

“Logicon Development” is engaged in rendering of services on warehouse logistics and material stocks management. The priorities of the company are long-term development and constant assimilation of high technologies. The aspiration to provide the best conditions for clients was embodied during the creation of “Urban Logistic Services". It provides the all opportunities of A class warehouse complex including responsible storage, as well as processing and transportation of cargoes. The company has own park of trucks and provides operative and safe delivery of goods from our logistical centre to any direction of RA.

 During last years "Logicon Development" LLC cooperates with the international companies, serving warehouses, both in territory of RA, and in the countries of the Europe and Middle East. "Logicon Development" LLC cooperates not only with famous world brands, but also with small organizations. The basic advantages of the company are the followings:
- individual approach to any client
- opportunity of granting personal supervisor
- round-the-clock work of a warehouse complex
- hi-tech control system (WMS)
- Convenient arrangement of the logistical center.
Functioning of a warehouse is provided by the high qualified employees. Owing to it the clients of "Urban Logistic Services" obtains high quality service and can be completely assured in reliability of the goods.


Costs reduction and essential economic benefit reception from the preliminary organization of storage and transportation of the goods is possible only due to the integrated logistical activity including cargo handling works, warehousing of cargoes, system cross-docking, pre-selling preparation of the goods and etc.

Outsourcing of a warehouse is one of the important elements by optimization flow processes in manufacture, storage and transportation of the goods. The warehouse complex of A class operated by "Urban Logistic Services" represents the capital building with modern world standards of quality and functionality.

The basic characteristics

- The warehouse area - from above 16 600 sq.m.
- Height of ceilings - 5 meters
- Admissible height of warehousing - 1000 kg/1 sq. m
- Automation - modern system of automated management by a warehouse (WMS)
- A temperature mode - from +1 degrees
- An operating mode - round-the-clock
- Territory for maneuvering and parking of cargo motor transport
- Communication - phone, the Internet, an internal computer network
- Convenience - locker rooms, bathrooms, shower rooms for employees
- A parking - an internal parking for cars
- Safety - protection, the monitoring system of access, video observation

The equipment

Warehouse service is organized with the help of the newest specialized equipment of manufacture made by Crown:
- Rich-tracks - 9 pieces
- Narrow pass stackers - 2 pieces
- Loaders - 3 pieces
- Transporters pallet

The software

The modern complex control system of warehouse High Jump WMS from the leading world manufacturer helps to solve any problems with the guaranteed quality of works


The warehouse complex "Urban Logistic Services" is equipped by system of independent heating, multi-channel telecommunication as well as has high-speed access to the Internet.


Security service provides round-the-clock video observation and the control of access over territory of the logistical center. Administrative and warehouse are equipped by the fire signal system. Fire tanks are also established in the territory of the complex.


“Urban Logistic Services" is located in Shengavit community (15 minutes drive from the center).

Services for renting of the warehouse

Responsible storage of the goods
Loading-unloading operations
Large-sized storage
Acquisition of parties to shipment
The account of principle FIFO, LIFO, AVERAGE
The warehouse account, conducting history of cargo inputs and outputs
The information about left-over cargo in a warehouse

Services of insurance
Insurance stored cargoes
The organization of insurance of transported cargoes

Exclusive services
Manufacturing and press of labels about a stroke-code;
Complete set of gift sets;
Preparation of production for promo-actions;
Repacking of the goods;
The personal management.