Business Advice

One of the specializing directions of “Logicon Development” LLC is business consultancy, which mainly comprises business plan projection and development as well as investment risk assessment for the clients. The list of main clients using this field of advisory is indicated below.

     Agro City CJSC  (the branch of Bio City Mexican Company in Armenia) – Mineral Bio Organic                  Hydroponics
     D&H Group LLC (Artik Karuyc Project) – Construction of multifunctional building
     Alishan LLC – Fruit and vegetables cannery, greenhouse
     Gepotaniq LLC – Fruit plant, vegetable plant, cannery
     MEDISAR LLC  - Wine, calvados production
    Agropark LLC - compressor plant
    ARMRUSGASPROM CJSC – Natural gas supply, realization and transition

 Besides creation of business plans for the above mentioned organizations, our company has been involved also in creation of business projects for construction and reconstruction of complexes such as:

     Ani District complex of cottage houses with a recreation zone infrastructure in Tsakhkadzor 

    Karven4seasons complex of cottage houses with a recreation zone, hotels and  entertaining infrastructure near the Lake Issik Kul, Kirghizia.


    ADIGAS Hotel Complex (ARMRUSGASPROM CJSC) – reconstruction of hotel complex in Tsakhkadzor resort