We provide complete logistics management and consulting services focusing on cost reduction and service improvement. We offer effective and economical ways to identify and implement cost reduction programs that optimize your supply chain. If your goals include optimizing your distribution network, our optimization techniques will work to configure the best arrangements for your organization.

Store service

"Urban Logistic Services" is engaged in rendering services on warehouse logistics and material stocks management. The priorities of the company are long-term development and constant assimilation of high technologies. The aspiration to provide the best conditions for clients was embodied during the creation of the logistical center "Urban Logistic Services". It provides the all opportunities of A class warehouse complex including responsible storage, as well as processing and transportation of cargoes. The company has own park of trucks and provides operative and safe delivery of the goods from the logistical center "Urban Logistic Services" to any direction of RA.

Customs clearance

The specialists of this sector are engaged in study of effective, freely, secure, quick and cheap transportation ways of materials and technical resources. Experienced and competent customs brokers assist clients during the whole process of customs clearance, using the centralized ASYCUDA system and in compliance with RA Customs legislation. System-generated customs service includes also reports of track imports, exports, and past claims, creates an individual customs relationship with each client, specific to the client’s needs and identity. Our uniform processes and abilities make sure that all procedures are done correctly every time.